All village and community hall members are invited to attend committee meetings.  We meet at least 4 times a year and plan the activities for the Network functions; we welcome their thoughts and suggestions in managing and developing the Network. They are welcome with no commitment to join the committee unless they wish to!


The Network holds General Meetings and meets 4 times a year and is hosted by halls throughout the district.  Network members are encouraged to suggest topics for the meetings.

Topics for General Meetings

When the Network was launched we invited you to suggest issues and topics which you felt it would be helpful to address. Over the lifetime of the Network we have devoted a meeting to almost each of the main topics you raised. Maybe you would find it helpful to re-visit a topic already covered, or give it a different emphasis / slant.
Please let us know. IT IS YOUR NETWORK!

Venues for Meetings

We are sure we are all enjoying visiting others’ halls; it is interesting to see others’ successes, ideas … and problems! We are keen for MORE OFFERS TO HOST MEETINGS, so if you could offer this assistance to the Network it would be greatly appreciated. Please let us know.

Past Meeting Notes