The name of the voluntary group shall be


Aims & Objectives

To facilitate communication between the committees of Village and Community Halls (hereafter VCH).

To provide an interactive support group for all VCH in the Stroud District Council area.  To encourage active involvement in the group, ensuring a friendly, interactive and informal ethos through communication and at meetings.

To ascertain and share common problems, successes and issues in relation to the management of V & C Halls.

To liaise with, and support, the professionals (GRCC) in the dissemination of information.

To offer information, and the facility for communication, through the VCHN website.

All V & C Halls in the Stroud District automatically belong to the group as collective bodies, not as individual personnel.

 The group will be administered by a Committee. 

It is hoped that a wide geographical area within the Stroud District will be represented on the committee (max of 12), which shall be elected at the AGM and constituted as follows;

Chairman, Secretary & Treasurer plus a maximum of eight other members from the Network membership and a representative of Gloucestershire Rural Community Council.

Minutes of every meeting shall be recorded by the secretary and circulated to committee members.

Minutes may be written up electronically, but a file of hard copies shall be kept by the secretary. The AGM shall be held before 1st March, at which a written committee report on the past year shall be presented by the chairman.

Committee members shall offer “only” support and suggestions to VCH members, referring them to GRCC for professional advice & information.

Committee members must adhere to the principles of the Data Protection Act in support of the Network’s Constitution and Working Partnership Agreement.


The committee shall hold a minimum of three meetings in each calendar year. The quorum for these shall be four, must include at least two of the three officers and representation from a minimum of three different organisations / Halls.

The committee shall arrange a minimum of two general meetings a year, to which all VC Halls are invited.

Liaison with GRCC.

Regular contact shall be maintained with GRCC.

Their professional advice & involvement shall be sought / requested as appropriate.

Dissolution of the group.

Should the group be dissolved, the committee will determine actions regarding the Network’s assets for the benefit of halls.


Approved at the First Network AGM – 28th January 2009

Amendment approved at Third AGM -16th February 2011

Amendment approved at sixth AGM –  2014