27th September 2017 – Emergency Centers and Places of Safety & 10th Birthday

The Network was welcomed by Hardwicke Village Hall for its 10th Birthday Celebrations , cake and wine for toast.  We had 16 persons present including Bob Gardner, the 1st Chairman of the Network and Barbara Pond and Helen Richards from GRCC.

Birthday Card received from Pauline Battinson

Birthday Card received from Pauline Battinson – click on image to open up to read.

Apologies and best wishes where received from

  • Woodchester Village Hall
  • King Stanley Village Hall
  • King Stanley Village Hall
  • Amberley Village Hall
  • Coaley Village Hall
  • Frampon on Severn Village Hall.
  • Standish Village Hall
  • Elmore Village Hall,
  • Oakridge Village Hall,
  • Cranham Village Hall,
  • Oakridge
  • Stroud District Council

The members were asked to act as Secretary for the Network by allowing their reviews of the evening to be posted on the website for this meeting and future events.  The reviews for this evening can be found below.

The presentation of “Emergency Centres – Places of Safety” was taken by Nikki Humphries, Senior Emergency Planning Officer, of Stroud District Council which provided interesting and useful information for all Halls.

For more information and help on Emergency Centers & Places of Safety please contact Nikki on:

Tel: 01453 754455

Email: nikki.humphries@stroud.gov.uk

Website: www.stroud.gov.uk


“Good Session, nice assurance that as a hall we are not alone” –  Hardwicke Village Hall.

“Very useful presentation and discussion. Much clearer now!” –  Cam Parish Council.

“Most useful for low-lying villages (floods) and those near main roads and motorways (traffic incident) who have no Emergency Plan.” – France Lynch Church Rooms.

“Thank you Honor for masterminding a very interesting and informative session last night.  I had not idea that there was so much professional backup available from SDC and it was encouraging to be able to learn about the provision for care in an emergency.” –  Eastcome Village Hall.