23rd May 2018 – GDPR by Barbera Pond

“A very thorough and simplified presentation of a complex subject – very understandable, extreamly useful and valuable information.  Thank you.” – Coaley Village Hall.

“Barbera’s exceptional talk made us realise how much information we all hold about people, and that we have a lot of emails to send out for permission to keep it.  Not only Village Hall stuff, other organisations as well” – King Stanley Village Hall.

“Very helpful, good useful information” – Hardwicke Village Hall.

“Very informative, a guide to tiptoeing through a minefield” – Woodchester Village Hall.

“Very useful and well presented” – Stinchcombe Village Hall.

“Excellent talk from Barbera as usual.  Lots of information, lot for us to do but well worth it.” – Cam Memorial Hall.