22nd November 2017 – Fire Safety – Review of Current Regulations

The Network was welcomed by Whitminster Village Hall for a get together with the topic of Fire Safety and a Review of Current Regulations. We had 13 persons present.

Apologies and best wishes where received from:Standish Village Hall

    • Eastcombe Village Hall
    • Bisley Village Hall
    • Oakridge Village Hall
    • Cam Village Hall


“Excellent meeting, allayed our fears on this subject” –  Cam Memorial Hall

“Very helpful presentation, well targeted towards village halls. I particularly liked the emphasis on keeping a sense of proportion, ie what is reasonable and appropriate. Thank you.” – Elmore Village Hall.

“Excellent presentation. Good to be reassured that most of it is common sense and what is reasonable rather than a shrined in law.” – Elmore Village Hall.

“A useful reminder of the requirements for Fire Safety” –  Amberley.

“Very good meeting. I never fail to learn something that is useful to the management of our hall.” –  Cam Memorial Hall.

“A good presentation to bring us up to date.” –  King Stanley Village Hall.

“Thank you for an interesting talk with practical examples” –  King Stanley Village Hall.